Tailwind CSS - Arbitrary color not applied all the time on Heroicon


I'm using Tailwind CSS in my React app.

Tailwind has classes like "text-blue-600" to set the text color, and you can also use colors that are not predefined using something like "text-[#50d71e]".

For icons I use the Heroicons library.

At one point I have some logic to change the color of one of the icons. Something like:

let colorClass = 'text-black'

if (isCorrect) {
  colorClass = 'text-[#F8D000]';

const icon = <TrophyIcon className={colorClass} />;

This worked on my first tests, but after playing with the app for some time I noticed the custom color is not applied all the time, sometimes it behaves like it doesn't find it.


I didn't find a proper solution for this, what follows is just an awkward work-around.

I noticed that after the arbitrary color was used once on the page, then it would consistently be applied where needed.

So I created an invisible div on the page with my arbitrary color, and this fixed the issue.

{/* The div below is hidden, it's just to overcome a bug 
    where the custom color is not displayed properly */}
<div className='text-[#F8D000]'></div>
Author: Dan Dumitru
Last Edit: January 29, 2023
Last Edit January 29, 2023
Created January 29, 2023
Tailwind CSS

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